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Premezclas S.A - historia
PREMEZCLAS S.A., was created in December of 1998, from the need of multinational companies and sugar refineries to “maquilar” or co-manufacture their products with third party and thus diminishing operational costs obtaining competitive advantages. In that year, work began with Nabisco Royal INC., manufacturing colored sugar with destination to Peru, also offering customs brokerage, logistics and land transportation of containers to the port of Buenaventura.
In 2001 we produced gelatin dessert mixtures for Nabisco Chile and other mixtures for La Cabaña (sugar mill and refinery), with an average of 750 tons/month or 30 containers.
In 2002, we introduced our products to the sugar, bakery and beverages sectors. During the same year our facilities were conditioned for the processing of different powdered mixtures, liquid caramel packed in sachets and bottles, cakes and ice cream for Kraft markets in Peru and Ecuador.

In 2004 we obtained our first certification from Kraft Foods. Later in 2006 and 2009 we were re-certified.
In February of 2005 the Quality Management ISO 9001 Certification was obtained.
In 2007 we won the contract for the co-manufacturing of essences, cakes and cornmeal for Kraft Foods Colombia.
IIn 2008 the drums line was added to our plant, for the preparation of colored sugar sprinkles. We are currently exporting this product to peru and also selling to local customers.

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