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  • Laboratory tests.
  • Mixture of fats.
  • Receipt and verification of raw materials.
  • Commercialization of products and services to the food industry.
  • Logistics and customs brokerage through our network of companies.
  • Development of private labels according to formulas supplied by the customer or through formulas developed In-house.
Premezclas S.A - servicios
Premezclas S.A - mezclas
Premezclas S.A - maquila
“Maquila” Service, co-manufacturing and/or staggered production.
Premezclas S.A - envasado
Liquid bottling and sealing.
Premezclas S.A - jarabes
Pulverization of foods (Sugar)
Premezclas S.A - llenado
Dosing, filling and sealing of sachets.
Premezclas S.A - pesaje
Weighing of raw materials.